Texas House speaker heads to a runoff against a Trump-endorsed challenger

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New Developments in Texas House Speaker Race

In a surprising turn of events, the Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan and his Republican challenger David Covey, supported by former President Donald Trump and Attorney General Ken Paxton, are set to face off in a primary runoff race in May, as projected by The Associated Press.

Implications of the Primary Runoff

This unexpected development in the Texas House Speaker race has significant implications for the future of the state’s leadership. With both candidates vying for the Republican nomination, the outcome of the primary runoff will shape the direction of Texas politics for years to come.

Analysis of the Candidates

Dade Phelan, the incumbent Texas House Speaker, has been a key figure in state politics, known for his moderate approach and ability to work across party lines. On the other hand, David Covey, with the backing of prominent Republican figures, represents a more conservative stance that aligns with the current political climate.

Looking Ahead to the Runoff Race

As the primary runoff approaches, both candidates will need to mobilize their supporters and make their case to Texas voters. The race is expected to be closely contested, with each candidate highlighting their strengths and vision for the future of the state.

Final Thoughts

The upcoming primary runoff between Dade Phelan and David Covey is set to be a pivotal moment in Texas politics. With the support of influential figures and a divided Republican base, the outcome of the race will have far-reaching consequences for the state. Stay tuned for more updates as the election season unfolds.

Texas House Speaker Heads to a Runoff Against a Trump-Endorsed Challenger


The race for the Texas House Speaker position has gained national attention as incumbent Dennis Bonnen heads to a runoff against a Trump-endorsed challenger. With the support of former President Donald Trump, challenger Bryan Slaton is giving Bonnen a run for his money in what promises to be a closely watched race.

The Candidates

Dennis Bonnen

Dennis Bonnen has served as the Texas House Speaker since 2019. He is a member of the Republican Party and has a long history in Texas politics. Bonnen is known for his conservative values and commitment to advancing the interests of his constituents.

Bryan Slaton

Bryan Slaton is a political newcomer but has quickly gained traction with the backing of former President Trump. Slaton is running on a platform of shaking up the status quo in Texas politics and bringing a fresh perspective to the state legislature.

The Runoff

After a close primary election, neither Bonnen nor Slaton secured a majority of the votes, leading to a runoff election between the two candidates. The runoff is expected to be highly contested, with both candidates vying for the support of Texas voters.

Trump’s Endorsement

Former President Trump’s endorsement of Bryan Slaton has shaken up the race for Texas House Speaker. Trump’s endorsement carries significant weight in conservative circles and is likely to sway many Republican voters towards Slaton.

The Stakes

The outcome of the runoff election will have far-reaching consequences for Texas politics. The Texas House Speaker plays a crucial role in shaping legislation and setting the agenda for the state legislature. The winner of the runoff will have a major impact on the direction of Texas politics in the coming years.

Practical Tips for Voters

– Research the candidates: Take the time to learn about the positions and track records of both Dennis Bonnen and Bryan Slaton.

– Consider the issues: Think about which candidate aligns best with your values and priorities on key issues.

– Get out and vote: Make sure to cast your ballot in the upcoming runoff election to have your voice heard in this important race.


The runoff election for Texas House Speaker promises to be a nail-biter, with both Dennis Bonnen and Bryan Slaton vying for the support of Texas voters. With the backing of former President Trump, Slaton has gained momentum in the race, but Bonnen is not backing down without a fight. Voters will have a crucial decision to make in determining the future direction of Texas politics.

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